Well, I’m on the East Coast, so Sandy brought to me a much-needed hurrication this weekend (thankfully, the storm didn’t bring more than the usual flooding to my area). During the first 3 days of my 4-day weekend, I laid around, watched marathon episodes of Happy Endings (hilarious BTW) and cleaned a little and studied a little. It reminded me of when I was a kid and I was perfectly content to lay and watch TV all day for days on end during summer vacation.

I was a very lazy kid.

Alas, I am no longer a kid. I am someone who is one month away from her M.A. and that means that there is always something to do, no matter how I neglect. So by day 4, I was vegged out enough to attack this Practicum thing again, and I reviewed all of my feedback and typed up all of my reflections.

It must have paid off, because today I kicked butt. I taught a lesson that really did go well, so much so that my mentor came over and told me good job before the lesson was even officially over (when they were working on their assignment).

This was a much-needed win, because the feedback I got from Friday was kind of a downer.

I told one of my friends about it, and he just kind of shrugged it off, saying “but what’s the fun in being perfect?”

I told him my type-A instincts say perfection is the fun in being perfect,

Agree to disagree.

Today, we went over MLA style in class, and I was pretty careful to make sure that I was knowledgeable and reinforcing form at all points. Plus, because it’s Halloween, there was an added level of comfort, and I could make the lesson themed (I opened with a “horror” story about a student who got caught plaigerizing). I could also keep it pretty light.

Of course no lesson was perfect, but I think this was my strongest so far.

I even didn’t end it awkwardly.

…..unlike this blog.