So apparently this session I’m just the [student] teacher that goes hard in the paint. I just started teaching again yesterday; today I gave my grammar class a quiz and tomorrow there’s an in-class writing assignment that counts as a quiz for the writing class.

I was messaging my mentor today and I asked her about whether I could use a quiz from the workbook or make one myself. She said I could do either, so I made one myself. In my most secretest place, in my heart of hearts I am a writer, so I figured making a quiz would be a cool way to exercise my creativity. Plus I like working the students’ names into stuff because I think it’s engaging.

So I make what, to me, is a simple, obvious quiz. Straightforward. Coordinating conjunctions. Add and/but/or where you need to. BOOM.

But the funny thing is that you just can never quite predict what is going to be straightforward and what will trip the students up. My little straightforward quiz ended up having a few answers that were justifiably right. And because it had a “correct the errors” section, students were looking for things that I would have never thought to look for. I have to remember to tell them “correct the errors that are relevant to what I’m quizzing you on ONLY. All other errors are the result of human imperfection and should be ignored/embraced.”

Now I am grading their quizzes and I have realized that I am one of those annoying teachers that corrects spelling errors (even though I don’t take off). From the side of the test-taker, it’s like “really? How anal.” From the side of the test-grader, it’s like “well…they probably ought to know how to spell.”

In my writing class, I asked students to bring in two articles to the next class, but apparently I told them Friday was the next class because the only person who actually brought in an article was the guy who came to my mentor’s office hours to double-check. I could see that. I almost never know what day it is anyway. On the other hand, my mentor and I were both on the same page in thinking I told them to bring these articles in tonight. It’s just such a learning process, because I feel like I never quite predict which will be the things that the students find to be crystal clear, and which will be the things that cause massive confusion.